Aug 19, 2016

Organic Recycling Center in Philly

The Recycling Center in Fairmount Park provides mulch, compost, woodchips and manure to Philadelphia residents.  Up to 30 gallons per household, twice per week, are free!  This is a hugely valuable resource to urban farmers, guerrilla gardeners, or anyone in the city with space for plants.

Compost. Made from leaves of fall and manure of park stables.

Aug 16, 2016

Guerilla Gardening in Philly - Soil Building Update

Last week (August 9th) I sowed cover crops on a vacant lot in the city.  The goal is soil-building; both the addition of biomass above ground, and the decomposition of demolished homes below.  So I selected three different cover crops, mixed their seed, and sowed them equally across three test plots of different growth mediums.

"Guerilla Gardening in Philly, Stage 1" explains the crops and plots.

Aug 11, 2016

Guerilla Gardening in Philly - Stage 1, Soil Building

Deep in the concrete jungles of West Philly, Julie Woolhouse strategically located her guerilla gardens, or "vacant-lot gardens" as she calls them.  Last year she purchased a rowhome bordering nearly 1/2 acre of rare urban green.  The open space consists of 21 abandoned properties, each about 800 square feet.  Each was a former rowhome itself, long since forgotten and eventually bulldozed into its own basement and covered with a thin layer of topsoil.  According to stage three of Julie's designs, this land will be a forest of fruit trees, gardens, ponds and grazing livestock.

Aug 1, 2016

Total Guide to Squash Bug Control

Squash bugs (anasa tristis)
Squash bugs can be a major hassle.  Or they'll destroy your entire squash crop, if left unhassled. There is only one method for completely avoiding them: don't grow squash.  Yet squash is a must-grow for many gardeners: its sprawling leaves for groundcover or shadehouses; its large fruit for sauteing or baking; and its role in Incan polycultures.

So methods for preventing and removing squash bugs abound on the internet.  I've researched and compiled them below.