Reforestal con Estacas

...un experimento en los cerros de Mundo Nuevo, un eco hostal y finca en Minca, Colombia.  Cuales arboles locales pueden crecer desde este el metodo de estacas?  Cuales pueden ayudarnos en la guerra contra el pasto invasivo?

En este página hay algunas repuestas sobre este experimento.

Restoring Cloud Forests in Zapatoca, Colombia

Don Rey with a sprouted cutting.
Sean "Madrón" Dixon-Sullivan -- that's how I signed the guestbook at Magic Mountain Reserve.  Owner Rey Díaz Rueda baptizes visitors with a "mountain name" to connect them with his reserve.  For 'Don Rey,' eccentric artist-turned-conservationist, connecting people with nature is one of his main objectives.  The other is to restore that nature.

Protecting Bogota's Water - The Eastern Hills

Through Bogotá's Eastern Hills flow the streams that supply water to the city and its 6.7 million residents.  It's no wonder the authorities of Colombia's capitol are serious about protecting this vital ecosystem.  The water's source in the Andes has been reserved as Chingaza National Park since 1977.  Its route through the hills, while degraded from past mining and logging, is increasingly being conserved.  A first step is preventing further degradation.

Árboles Leguminosos - La vida de Minca

Los leguminosos son arboles para uso de reforestación, cercas vivas, fertilizantes (fijar nitrógeno y crear abono), forrajeros, combustibles, madera, leña, medicina, vida, todo.  Durante el evento Permaculture Planting aprendimos sobre los árboles leguminosos de Minca.

Planting Terraces in Minca - Permaculture Project II

Perched on a steep ridge, CENIT is constructing its 'Art-Nature' school (info below).  Below on the steep, dry slopes, we are planting the garden.  Terraces, pits, and swales are the strategy on land with such potential for erosion, especially under the barren and compacted construction site.   Here we planted avacado, mango, lemon and moringa trees and propagated other tropical fruits and veggies like pineapple, banana, papaya, tomato and yucca.