10 Informative Charts for Permaculture/Agroecology

If knowledge is power, then charts are power condensed.  From guiding garden design to solving soil problems, the following charts empower us to grow food more efficiently and sustainably.  Print them out and hang them up as powerful decor for your tool sheds or offices.  Here they are, ten charts I've selected for their usefulness, plus one bonus chart for its historical intrigue. 

Click on chart to enlarge, or follow the source links for full versions and more info.

1. Companion Planting 

2. Nutrient Deficiency 
Source: Olivia's Solutions (link includes descriptions and remedies for each)

3. Nutrient Availability

4. Weeds as Indicators of Soil Conditions
Source: Ecological Agriculture Projects

5. Beneficial Insects
Source: Atlantis Hydroponics (link includes descriptions of each)

6. Cover Crops
Similar chart at: Johnny's Seeds

7. Plant Spacing

8. When to Sow by Temperature
Source: Roots Nursery (link includes descriptions and chart for indoor sowing)

9. Vitamins in our Food

10. Landscaping with Native Plants (Northeast USA)
Source: PA DCNR
(link includes charts per site type: sunny-dry, sunny-moist, shady-dry and shady-moist)

11. World Crop Origins
Article at: NPR

If you know more informative charts please share them in the comments below.


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