Trees of the Andes

A list for identifying the trees of the Andes.  Information and species to be added as we learn them.  Use the ctrl+f function to search trees by name.

3. Other Andean trees

Legume trees
Guama - inga edulis
large edible pods, reforestation pioneer
Molina, Dividivi – caesalpinia spinosa
Chachafruto - erythrina edulis
large edible pods, a permaculture plant of the Incas
Chocho – erythrina rubrinervia
Aliso (alder) – alnus acuminata
fast-growing pioneer for reforestation, 
fodder and firewood for natural farming in the Andes 
Mata Ratón - gliricidia sepium
Can be coppiced and grows easily from cuttings,
used for live fences, reforestation, and soil building for
my Permaculture Projects.
Poultice for antibacteria.
Saman - albizia saman
Casco de vaca - bauhinia purpurea

Guandul - cajanas cajan
Fast-growing shrub Juan uses to build Vida del Bosque

Trees with North American relatives

Pino chaquiro (chaquiro pine) – retrophyllum rospiglosii 
Pino Colombiano (colombian pine) – podocarpus oleifolius
Roble (andean oak) – quercus humboltii
Sauce (willow) - Salix humboltiana
Cedro negro (walnut) - juglans neotropico
Caucho del Tequendama (fig) – Ficus tenquendamae
Cerezo (cherry) – prunus serótina 

Raque - Vallea stipularis
fast-growing pioneer
Mano de oso – oreopanax floribundum
Yarumo – cecropia angustifolia
Hollow trunks host beneficial ant colonies, a symbiotic
relationship learned at Kasaguadua Nature Reserve.
Cedro – cedrea montana
Cruceto – randia aculeta
Jagua – calatola costaricensis
Arrayan – myrcianthes leucoxyla
Borrachero – brugmansia arbórea
Tibar – escallonia paniculata
Guayadin de Manzales – lafoensia acuminata

Palma de cera – ceroxylon quindiuense
Magle – escallonia pendula
Cariseco – billia rosea
Sangregado – crotón bogotanus
Climax overstory species of Andean cloud forests.
Azuceno de monte – Posoqueria latifolia
Gurrubo – solanum psychotrioides
Juco – spirotheca codazziana 
Cachitos – styloceras laurifolium
Corono – xylosma spiculifera
Azuceno amarillo – posoqueria sp. 
Alcaparro – senna viarum

Amarrabollos – meriania nobilis 
Cordoncilla - piper bogotense
Gaque - clusia multiflora
Cajeto – citbarexylum subflavescens
Manguito – mauria puberula 
Motilon – hyeronima colombiana
Falso pimiento – shinus molle 
Albahaca morada – ocimum sanctum
Arbol de hierro – metrosideros excelsa
Chilco colorado – escallonia paniculata
Guayacan armarillo - tabebuia chrysantha

Ceiba - ceiba pentandra
Arboloco - smallanthus pyramidalis

Other Andean Plants

Bromelia spp.
Genus of epophytes that grow symbiotically on trees,
such as at Kasaguadua Nature Preserve
Fique - furcraea andina
Local variety of agave grown as firebreaks

Laurel - ocotea infrafuveolata

Higuerilla - ricinus communis
oil from seeds can coat and protect wood,


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