Soil Tests

Understanding soil conditions is key to planning a reforestation project, knowing which plants will grow and which amendments may be needed.  The following 5 tests use simple, universal methods.   Data from these tests can be entered in this Google Form.

  1. pH - With soil samples mixed with water, add vinegar or baking soda.  Mixture will fizz from vinegar if alkaline, or from baking soda if acidic, or neither if neutral.
  2. Compaction - insert a metal hanger into ground and measure the depth it can penetrate.
  3. Permeability - Insert a pipe firmly into ground, fill with water and measure the rate it descends.  <or> Dig a hole 12" (30cm) deep and 6" to 12" wide with flat sides, fill with water and measure the rate it descends.
  4. Composition - with a clear jar, fill half with soil and half with water, leaving one inch (2.5cm) of air.  Cap, shake and let sit over night.  Measure the separated layers of clay, silt and sand.
  5. Horizons - Excavate a soil profile to view soil horizons.  Record each horizons depth, color, texture and composition.

Data Form
Project Name: _______________________________
GPS location: ____________, _____________
Date: ____ ____ _____

1. Soil pH: (acidic/neutral/alkaline)

2. Compaction:  ________ in/cm depth

3. Permeability: ___________ in/cm per hour
      -depth of hole/pipe:  _____ in/cm
      -soil moisture prior to test:  (dry, damp, saturated)

4. Composition: ____% clay, ____% silt, ____% sand

                            depth                          color                   texture              % clay   % silt   % sand
5. Horizons: O. ____to____ in/cm      __________      ___________      ______   _____   ______
                     A. ____to____ in/cm      __________      ___________      ______   _____   ______
                     B. ____to____ in/cm      __________      ___________      ______   _____   ______
                     C. ____to____ in/cm      __________      ___________      ______   _____   ______
                     R. ____to____ in/cm      __________      ___________      ______   _____   ______

Enter Data in Google Forms

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