Organic Recycling Center in Philly

The Recycling Center in Fairmount Park provides mulch, compost, woodchips and manure to Philadelphia residents.  Up to 30 gallons per household, twice per week, are free!  This is a hugely valuable resource to urban farmers, guerrilla gardeners, or anyone in the city with space for plants.

Compost. Made from leaves of fall and manure of park stables.
At Blue Marble Solutions for instance, we use the compost for our potted trees, straw-bale garden beds and a stockpile that'll one day fertilize all 20 vacant lots of future food forest.  Twice this week we filled two 35-gallon barrels, one on behalf of founder Julie Woodhouse and one on behalf of my sister, also a Philly resident.  I can't praise these services enough.  In 2014 the center provided 794 tons of compost and 771 tons of mulch, helping to grow healthy food, beautify the city, unite communities, not to mention the environmental benefits of urban greening; all from recycled wastes.  Better than building bombs and prisons, I believe this Center is a rightful use of taxpayer money.

And it uses little money at that.  Aside from charging landscaping companies to dump their trees, grass clippings and leaves, the Center also profits from selling any resources that exceed the allotted free amounts.  According to their 2014 numbers, the Center made $75,980 in sales, on top of $156,038 given to other city departments and $9,624 given to the public.  See the Recycling Center website for more stats.

It's free and easy.  Simply show up at:
3850 Ford Road, Philadephia PA, 19131
7:30am-3:00pm on weekdays or 7:30-11:30am on Saturday.  

Then, sign your name in the scale house,  

pull up to a resource pile of choice,

and start shovelling.

See this compost in action at my project, Guerilla Gardening in Philly; Soil Building.

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