Restoration Sites

Stream Restoration
Dam Removed, Creek Reborn
Michaux State Forest, Pennsylvania
Riffles and Rip Rap
Wilket Creek, Ontario
Without Silt or Carp
Lake Miami, Iowa
Klamath National Forest, California
Bogota, Colombia
Paulinskill River Restoration
Sussex County, New Jersey

Conserving a Valuable Lake
Yuriria, Mexico

Prairie Restoration
Ojibway Prairie Complex, Ontario
Bison and Boson
Fermilabs, Illinois
To Cornfield and Back Again
Neal Smith Wildlife Refuge, Iowa
Restoring Coastal Prairies
Armand Bayou Nature Center, Texas
Restoring Coastal Prairies II
Sheldon Lake State Park, Texas

Forest Restoration
Mending a Toxic Mountain
Lehigh Gap Nature Center, Pennsylvania
Restoring Pine-Bluestem Forests
Ouachita National Forest, Arkansas
Prescribed Fire, Restored Forest
Gene Rush Wildlife Management Area, Arkansas
Cutting Trees, Restoring Forests
Warren Prairie Natural Area, Arkansas
Longleaf Pine Restoration
Kisatchie National Forest, Louisiana
People and Pines; A Symbiosis
Sam Houston National Forest, Texas
Planting Longleafs
Big Thicket National Preserve, Texas
Replanting after Fire
Bastrop State Park, Texas
Managing Colorado's Front Range Forests
Genessee Mountain Park, Colorado

Restoring Cloud Forests
Zapatoca, Colombia
Reforestal con Estacas
Minca, Colombia

Atlantic White Cedar - A Case for Restoration
Brendan T. Byrnes State Forest, New Jersey
Pine Restoration, "Ecological Forest"
Pine Barrens, New Jersey
Coal Mines to Spruce Forests
Monangahela National Forest, West Virginia

Reforestation after Katrina
Couturie Forest, Louisiana

Forests for Communities
 Michoacán, Mexico
Communities and Forests of Mexico's Monarch Reserves
 Michoacán, Mexico

Savanna Restoration
The Relict and the Reborn
Snyder Heritage Farm, Iowa

Wetlands Restoration
Cranberry Bog Restoration
Franklin Parker Preserve, New Jersey

Misc. & Guides
Wood to Energy
Kisatchie National Forest, Louisiana
Understanding Succession
Indiana Dunes State Park

Deer Management Project
Baldpate Mountain, New Jersey.

Assisted Natural Reforestation
Pura Vida Conservation, S. Carolina
Soil Testing Guide
Pura Vida Conservation, S. Carolina

Mapping Guide
Pura Vida Conservation, S. Carolina

Tree Identification Guide

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